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What are the benefits of using Harmony Cream?
It has been traditionally used for women after childbirth. Usage of Harmony Cream will restore vagina suppleness, tightens vagina tissue, significantly reduce vagina discharge, reduce excessive mucus of the vagina and increases intimacy between husband and wife.

How does Harmony Cream work?
Harmony Cream contains Oak Gall, also known as a natural astringent that contains antiseptic materials and antioxidants. The Oak Gall extract, if applied to skin, helps smooth the texture of skin and restore suppleness. It also contains protein, carbohydrate, calcium, iron, vitamin A and B.

How long does it take to feel the tightening of vagina?
It varies from individual to individual. The cream usually works 20 seconds after application. It takes about 20 minutes for maximum effect.

How often can I use Harmony Cream?
You can use it as often as you want to. There is completely no risk of side effects as it is 100% natural.

Are there any side effects?
There are no side effects. Harmony Cream is 100% herb-based. The main contents are Oak Gall and Olive Oil.

Does Harmony Cream interfere with oral sex?
No, Harmony Cream does not interfere with oral sex in any way. It is completely natural and safe. The taste is subject to individual opinion. Some may find that Harmony Cream has a funny taste while others may actually like the taste.

Can I use it immediately after childbirth?
Yes, you can. In fact, Harmony Cream speeds up the internal healing process after childbirth. Women in Asia have traditionally been using Oak Gall (the main content of Harmony Cream) after giving birth to tighten their vagina tissue and strengthen the womb.

Are there various sizes of Harmony Cream?
No. Every bottle of Harmony Cream comes is 7gm bottle.

What is the number of application for each bottle of Harmony Cream?
The number of application depends on the amount of cream you apply each time. It is difficult for us to gauge the number of application. As a point of estimation, if applied once a day, a 7gm bottle of Harmony Cream can be applied for approximately 10 times.

What is the expiry date for Harmony Cream?
As long as you store Harmony Cream in a cool dry place, it can last for 3 years.

How much is Harmony Cream?
Normally, it is priced at US$57. Our special discounted Internet offer is US$47. But once we have appointed enough dealers worldwide, we would have to revert to the normal price of US$57. Hence, we would strongly urge you to order immediately to enjoy this savings of US$10.00 as the price is very likely to go up in the near future.

Do you ship worldwide?
Yes, we ship internationally.

How long does it take before I receive Harmony Cream?
We will process and ship your order within 48 hours via first class registered mail. You should receive Harmony Cream within three weeks. Imagine, in just three weeks you will feel sexually young again!

How does your money back guarantee work?
Just use one bottle (7gm) of Harmony Cream and if you are not happy with the results, just return it to us for a full refund (less shipping and handling).

Can I use Harmony Cream as a lubricant?
Yes, Harmony Cream also acts as a lubricating substance. With a tighter vagina and smoother passage, you and your partner will enjoy a more satisfying sexual experience.

Can virgins use Harmony Cream?
Yes, they can. The vagina is prone to loss of elasticity, whether or not you have had children. Factors such as aging where pelvic floor muscles weaken, decline in muscle-building hormones due to menopause or multiple sexual activities, adds up to loss of elasticity. Harmony Cream can help tighten your vagina naturally.

Can those who have never conceived and delivered a baby use Harmony Cream?
Of course they can. Harmony Cream not only tightens your vagina for better bedroom pleasures for you and your partner. It also contains protein, carbohydrate, calcium, iron, vitamin A and B that will help restore your inner beauty. As long as you want to tighten your vagina and improve your sex life, you can use Harmony Cream.

Do I need to buy other products with Harmony Cream?
No. You do not need to buy other products to experience increased passion. Harmony Cream is not a hook to get you to purchase other products.

Are there other benefits from Harmony Cream?
Harmony Cream does not only tighten the inner tissue and skin of the vagina, but it also delays menopause, improves internal injuries, piles, swollen gums, chap lips, mouth ulcer and small cuts. Harmony Cream also aids minor ailments such as colds, headaches, body aches, bloated tummy and more.

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